Porcelain stoneware tiles

Preserving value by correct cleaning of your porcelain stoneware tiles and safety tiles

Very fine dirt particles and lime can settle in microporous surfaces. The result is greying. In order to preserve value in the long term, it is absolutely essential to clean microporous, fine-rough stoneware and safety tiles regularly. Encrusted, stubborn dirt and deposits need to be treated with heavy-duty cleaning agents. The basic and intensive cleaners Erol® G 490 and Erolcid® G 491 are excellent solutions to this problem. O Tens G 500 and O Tens Azid G 501 have also been developed for daily cleaning of porcelain stoneware tiles and safety tiles. These cleaners prevent build-up of lime and reduce re-soiling. They also prevent the visual damage which often occurs with long-term use of cleaners with surfactants. Using the Buzil colour guidance system shown below for application areas makes the process of selecting specific products very efficient and reliable. Thanks to distinctive colour codes and pictograms on container labels, mix-ups are virtually impossible. An additional colour code indicates the specific cleaning performance and therefore whether it is a basic, intensive or routine cleaner. 

Buzil offers a variety of additional services, from individual initial consultations to optimisation of your cleaning processes, to the service hotline. This is how we ensure that you get consistently brilliant results from even the toughest challenge.

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