Daily routine cleaning basic range

The compact Buzil all-round range for highly efficient daily routine cleaning.

From building cleaning through branch-specific applications in industry, the hotel and catering business to residential and care homes for the elderly: The regular cleaning of floors, sanitary facilities, surfaces and technical equipment is a decisive economic factor and plays an important role in business, public and private premises. Only optimum daily routine cleaning which does not place a strain on either the material cleaned or the environment can contribute to maintaining value and perfect functionality. 

How can this job be done day in, day out as quickly as possible but still in top-class quality? The answer is that Buzil has set up a compact basic range for daily use. None of the products require labelling under the CLP regulation. This range of just five products covers all areas of application in daily routine cleaning.

The colour code system, which is defined for the application areas, is also user for the daily routine cleaning in order to enable the user a simple and safe product selection. The colour codes can be found on the packaging labels as well as in the bottle closures and the pigmented cleaning agents. So mix-ups are almost impossible.

For the specific cleaning service we have also defined a colour code: All daily routine cleaning products have an orange stripe. 

From individual initial consultation through customized product selection and optimisation of your cleaning processes to the service hotline – the wide range of Buzil services also help to ensure that you will always achieve sparkling results.

Product Overview