BUZ LAUNDRY detergent

Now even more efficiency and service for your textile laundry.

With Buz® Laundry you are getting the perfect product family for the professional cleaning of mop covers, cloths, bed and table linen, working clothes and towels. The whole Buz® Laundry product series has been designed as a modular system. This allows the washing performance to be adapted to specific requirements in industrial applications. The liquid application permits exact dosing of the products and allows them to develop their tried-and-trusted cleaning action even at low temperatures.

This way our laundry detergents offer you squeaky clean economic advantages: Thanks to optimized dosing, you now use 20% less detergent with Buz® Laundry Compact and Buz® Laundry Enz 3. The cleaning result is still as convincing as before – thanks to new measuring methods developed for the precise determination of cleaning performance.

Our Laundry service package, including planning, installation and support, is available for individual tailor-made dosing solutions. In practice, this means that following an inspection of your premises by one of our sales representatives, we will prepare an individual offer, which is exactly meeting your requirements. A qualified technician will assemble, install and set the system to ensure optimum efficiency. The Buzil service package is rounded off by a wide range of support services such as the regular maintenance service, service hotline and a fast breakdown response service.

Product Overview